What is Digital SLR (DSLR) Camera?

Digital Camera is the demand of today’s photography and day to day world. Whether we are a students, businessman, photographer, Engineer etc we all want a digital camera to capture or life’s precious moments. The most public of digital camera is on Mobile phone. Digital camera can be divided into many categories depending upon the nature of its use. Different types of Digital camera include Compact digital cameras, Bridge cameras, Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, Digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR), Digital rangefinders, Line-scan camera systems, Integration & Waterproof.

dslr camera What is Digital SLR (DSLR) Camera?

As per Wikipedia DSLR camera is defined as “Digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs) are digital cameras based on film single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs). They take their name from their unique viewing system, in which a mirror reflects light from the lens through a separate optical viewfinder. At the moment of exposure the mirror flips out of the way, making a distinctive “clack” sound and allowing light to fall on the imager.”

Why DSLR clicks?

Compact digital cameras and smart phones that take pictures are now ruling the market. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex, which might be a bit costly than usual digital cameras but a lot versatile, allowing you to take snapshots from sleeping kittens to fast race cars.  With a DSLR in your hand, be assured that you will never miss a great opportunity to take a great shot.

But to make the perfect use of it, you need to know exactly how you are being beneficial.

Speed and performance:

Compact cameras are slow, but DSLR are pretty fast. The war is between electronics and mechanics. The shutter device in front of its sensor is blocking forms light. When a person takes a photo, the shutter of the camera opens and closes. This shutter mechanism is not available in a compact camera. In case of compact cameras, when a user is taking a photo the sensor is activated electronically each and every time.  The main advantage of this mechanical solution is that it is instantaneous and faster. There is no delay when the user wants to capture anything. If this were the only advantage of DSLR, sit back buddy! Cause, there is lot more to come!

Lens for each and every occasion:

For every occasion, be it an ocean blue setback or candle light dinner or dark night, this camera provides the user with lens for each one of them. The zooming features and the incredibly user friendly setting make this DSLR stand out form its own level. The user can even control the zooming pace. In other

Fancy cameras may have different lens for all other scenes, but it seems pretty cool when the user gets multi- tasking usage in one lens.

High Quality Picture in spite of Low light:

The operator might not get ambient light in all kind of snaps. Should the photo be dark and gloomy while the lighting lack? No, absolutely not! The operators just have to turn the flash light on and the trick works just wonder. DSLRs are able to take photos when there is a little availability of light by a feature called ISO. As the user increases the ISO, he or she can also join or add grain or noise to the image. In DSLR the greatest advantage is that, even with high ISO, there is only a very little amount of noise added. If one enjoys taking photos at night, DSLR is the best option for them.

Want the control?

You wanted the control, you got it. Humans hate when machine decides things for them, hurts their man ego! Not anymore, with the incredible manual settings, the whole power is in your hand. The operator has complete control over the shot he or she takes, which includes the lighting condition, the lens focus and the zooming features. But even if the user is not ready for complete manual override, they can always convert it to automatic settings.

DSLR gives you the ultimate power and comfort the user is looking for. If snapping is you hobby, these are the camera you are looking for.

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